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Welcome to Mama Sue's Website & Recipe Blog!

Welcome to the first official Mama Sue's Southern Kitchen recipe blog post! I am so glad you are here. While I will still be posting my videos regularly on my Facebook Page, I'm excited to announce the launch of my website that will help friends follow along with new recipes, search for old ones and just come by to visit and browse.

A few things you'll be able to do here:

  • Get information on ordering my cookbook

  • Browse through different categories of recipes

  • Use the search tool to search for specific recipes or ingredients

  • Click on the image in each recipe post to save to your Pinterest boards

  • Link to and purchase some of my favorite products (see bottom of this post)

  • Sign up for my subscription list so you never miss an announcement or recipe post

I am so happy you're here! Scroll up to the top and click on HOME to see the main page and then click around and make yourself at home!

You can also subscribe by clicking on the SUBSCRIBE page.


These are a few of my favorite products:

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Is you cook book all recipes are did you add life storys


How can I send you a recipe for you to try


Unknown member
May 21, 2023

Hi Sue I’m a recent 91 year old widow and basically quit cooking since my husband passed away but happened to land on your website and all of a sudden I’m eating real food. It’s so fun to watch you cook and fun to cook again. Thank you dear so much. Sincerely. Joy McNamara



Hi. I would like to see the recipe from your friend using apple pie mix and four slices of bread.


Feb 26, 2022

Just posted recipe yesterday.. pretty sure she has not passed!

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