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Updated: Jan 30

You can't go wrong with this 3 Ingredient Chocolate Pie. It comes together quickly and easily and it is delicious. I love Hershey Chocolate Bars so this pie is easy for me to love. I hope you'll try it.

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I made this! It was scrumptious and better than expected. I did add extra cool whip on top before the chocolate shavings. This will be a mainstay for my dessert rotations.

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I wanted you to know that I’ve been making that chocolate pie for a long time, I’ve changed it up and made it a s’mores pie by making it in a Graham cracker crust and then putting marshmallows in the mix and then putting more Cool Whip on top with marshmallows, crumbled up graham crackers and chocolate syrup. Give it a try you will be surprised how good it is.

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