I have cooked roasts many different ways over the years but this is my husband's favorite. Not only is it the easiest way to prepare but the taste is so delicious. I usually put it on to cook when I start to bed and it is ready the next morning. You could start it in the morning and it would be ready when you get off work. All you will need to do is take two forks and pull the meat apart. It is so tender and I usually serve it with rice or mashed potatoes. There's always some leftover and we have it on sub buns with provolone cheese. I feel sure you will add this to your favorite ways to cook a roast once you try it.

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Pecan pie is definitely a southern dessert. Pecan Cobbler takes the yumminess to an even higher level. The cobbler and sauce are created in one pan. Many people question pouring the hot water over the top but after eating the warm cobbler find that the texture is perfect. If you are a pecan pie fan you must try this.

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I have a request for a meatloaf recipe quite often. I made this last year but with so many new followers I wanted to show my recipe again. I will say that when I cook this most people want my recipe. You can make it in a "traditional" loaf but we prefer to make meatloaf balls. This recipe makes approximately 12 balls (depending on the size you make them). If you double the recipe and would like to freeze some to have later it works well. I just put the balls on a cookie sheet and freeze. Then put them in a zip lock gallon freezer bag. Don't add the sauce until they have thawed and you are ready to cook. I hope you will try my recipe and see if you don't love it.

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