Comfort food at its finest. I do believe kids of all ages will love this recipe. My grandson loves the kind in the blue box, but sometimes it's worth the effort to make the good old-fashioned kind. If you make this, please let me know what you think.

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I receive recipes and some cookbooks at various times from my followers and enjoy looking through them. I found this recipe in one of the cookbooks and knew that I would try it because we love all ingredients. It was very easy to put together and after we ate it both Harold and I decided it was a keeper. If you aren't a fan of onions you can certainly leave them out. I hope you try it and like it for an easy meal.

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I first did this recipe on my page last year. I have grown quite a bit since then so I wanted to repost it on my website. It's quick and easy, which is always something I love. It's so delicious too!

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