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Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Photo courtesy of Kathy Hallstein -

My friend Bonnie gave me this recipe years ago. It's a quick meal for a busy night. We like it with cornbread. I hope you'll try it.

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Nancy Schartz
Nancy Schartz
May 11, 2022

We absolutely loved this dish. I added a special flavoring that we particularly like in all our soups, meat dishes, and a lot of things. It is “Better than Bouillon” beef flavor. I made mini corn muffins to go with it. This dish may be our new favorite!


Linda Segraves
Linda Segraves
Dec 13, 2021

Mama Sue I know this video is from months ago but I want to let you know I am sorry to hear about your Christian friend. Wonderful to know she is in Heaven with Jesus! I have been praying for you and wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and that your surgery 🙏 goes well. God Bless!

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