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Updated: Jan 29

For Christmas, my daughter Amy got a bread machine. She has been making bread all of the time! It's so good! Below is the recipe she used but cooked it according to the directions of her bread machine.

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I just got a bread machine in the fall. I haven't used it yet lol....I'll have to do a Walmart or Kroger delivery order for some bread flour, hopefully their is a Gluten free version of it since I have to eat GF things for my eczema. Hence the reason we bought a bread machine. But likecI said I haven't used it yet, but I will be now. Thank you ladies!!! I just found your mom & her site on IG yesterday(1-25-24).

I want to order all her cookbooks but the bundle is sold out as well as Volume 1 cookbook by itself. Do you know when the Bundles or Volume 1 cookbooks will be back in stock? I do…


Bread looks decent! I love fresh bread! Bet your kitchen does smell heavenly!!

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