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I have been following and praying for you and Harold for quite some time now. My husband's name is Harold as well. For many years, he was not "allowed" in the kitchen for cooking purposes which I now realize was a huge mistake on my part! Actually, he is getting very good at it. I saw the pictures of your beautiful "Grands" yesterday and they brought a big smile to my face! Blake is beyond precious. He looks so happy, content and much loved. Love the blonde hair!! Does he enjoy interacting with his siblings? I have a question -- Do you have a favorite brand of cake mix? Thank you, Patricia


Unknown member
May 19, 2023

Mama Sue 😁 I was smiling the whole time I watched! Your mannerisms are so much like mine. I can tell you are a “neat” cook. You clean up as you go, you keep things non messy. Wiping your fingers, being particular of setting down dirty utensils, etc. I love it. Kudos for you letting Harold help, I cringe with the thought of my hubby helping. Maybe it’s OCD. Thank you for the wonderful posts. Blessings to you both 🙏

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