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Updated: Jan 26

My daughter, Amy, and I had so much fun making this TRASH BAG CHEX MIX. It was the first recipe we made in our day of baking. We have more recipes to share this week so stay tuned. Caution: This recipe makes a lot so you can share with family and neighbors.

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Unknown member
Dec 19, 2023

I Think that Ya'll Boys should make this Recipe on their Video's ! They would have SNACKS for MONTHS ! <3 :)


I’ve made this for years as well. I have more variations than I care to talk about because I tweak everything like any kitchen diva. What I want to share is what I didn’t think of one time when I first started making this. Be sure that your garbage bag is UNSCENTED. I also now double bag as I have had oil spots left on a washer and dryer during my marinade process. I also have left this set for a week just tossing it around. You just can’t do better for a crowd of folks and before I retired I shared this every year with clinic staff. Medical folks are just nibblers. Everyone loved this.

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