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Volume 2 Cookbooks

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

Exciting news! Pre-orders for Volume 2 are available now on my website. The cookbooks won't be in stock for 3 weeks but if you want to go ahead and order, you can. Orders will be filled in the order they are received.

I'm so excited to share these new recipes with you. I started on this cookbook before my cancer diagnosis so it really has been a labor of love.

To pre-order now, just go to my cookbook page and click Volume 2.

I have included the index of recipes below if you want to get a sneak peek!

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1 Comment

Mar 01, 2022

You are just precious! I own your 1st Cookbook!! One day I was looking at it and had to get up to do something and came back and found my 2 1/2 pound puppy sampling the bottom right corner if your cookbook! He is always up there on my lap watching your videos with me! He gets so excited when I cook!! I believe he thought I was taking too long to share your recipe with him...he decided to sample the recipes him self!! He sure looked like he was enjoying your recipes!! Yummy Moma he sayed to me!! He got mad when I took it from him! His name is Buddy!! Show Less


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