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Updated: Dec 7, 2023

For an easy dessert for St. Patrick's Day or really whenever, this easy Key Lime Pie is perfect. You can make it with reduced sugar too! You can always use other flavors of Jello and Yogurt to change up the recipe.

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Oh this is the exact same recipe I came across a year or two ago 😊...I thought it looked familiar to mine and it is.

Y'all won't be disappointed if you try it because I have other Key lime pie recipes (which are delicious) but this one is easy and absolutely delicious so it will be my go to from now on.


This pie is delicious! Since I'm Diabetic, I made it using sugar free Jello and sugar free yogurt. I used sugar free Cool Whip and you could not tell it was made with sugar free ingredients except for the crust.

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