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Updated: Dec 7, 2023

It's been a cold week here in Alabama so I knew that soup would be on my menu. A few weeks ago I found a recipe from Alex Drummon (The Pioneer Woman's daughter). She said that she had found the perfect Crockpot Tortilla Soup. I tried it for the first time and we loved it. This recipe is basically one that you just dump in the crockpot and leave for 8 hours. I used frozen chicken too. Perfect for working mamas. I put some shredded cheese on top and ate with some Fritos. It's one for my rotation of soups for sure.

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Looks delicious.! I would leave out the salt, many of the ingredients you added contain salt. One can wait till the dish is cooked and then taste for salt and add if needed. Thanks for a great recipe.


Hi I was wondering what I could use instead of beans in the soup. I have a severe allergy to beans.


What can you use if you don’t have enchilada sauce

Replying to

Just Google the recipe for enchilada sauce, you can make it your self.


What is the address so we can order your cookbooks?


I just made the recipe and it was delicious! However, I tripled the amount of beans and corn! So good.

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