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Updated: Dec 8, 2023

Have you ever had fried cabbage? I bet you ate it with cornbread. I also add some pepper sauce and make some fried potatoes to go with mine. Don't forget a slice of onion. You can't get much more country than that. That's some good eating though. I added some Montreal Steak seasoning and took it up a level. If you haven't tried it you must.

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Add cooked noodles and you have halushki.


I make what I call, Fried cabbage Hash. It was my dear first husband's favorite meal. I washed and chopped my cabbage like you. I added chopped onion and sweet peppers. I also add two potatoes chopped and I chop up a ham slice into cubes. Fry it all together and it's delicious, especially with a side of cornbread!


My God's love 💕 & Mercy continue to bless you and your family 💯💯


Bonnie Smith Ginn
Bonnie Smith Ginn
Aug 06, 2021

I love your recipes, your spunk and your most beautiful smile!!!

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