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Updated: Dec 8, 2023

Many of you are asking about my favorite cornbread recipe that I use to make my cornbread dressing for Thanksgiving. My recipe is technically Harold's. I don't know why, but his tastes better. We use the same recipe. I hope you enjoy our "family" recipe.

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5 comentarios

if u make in a cake. pan what sz for this

Me gusta

10 nov 2021

Could you please tell me what size skillet? Thanks🌻

Me gusta

Love you MamaSue! Looks yum but I have the MW self rising cornmeal mix but I have never seen the self rising cornmeal. Is this correct, you did not add leavening so I’m guessing it’s the mix? Thank you.

Me gusta
Contestando a

I was asking if it’s called a “mix”. My small bag is MW self rising cornmeal “MIX“. I used it and the recipe came out terrific. thanks to Harold and MamaSue

Me gusta
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