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Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Photo by Kathy Hallstein

This dish is by far one of my most requested recipes. Although it is in my cookbook, I didn't have it on the blog. It is a family favorite! It's a really easy dish to make.

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6 Kommentare

I wonder if anyone has substituted chicken strips in this recipe instead of the breasts.?

Gefällt mir

I do that recipe since at least 5 years but I add valley ranch to it , succes severy time

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Do you use 1/2 cup of Mayo in this dish, Video says yes but recipe has no mayo in this dish

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Antwort an

In the video she uses 1/2 C Mayo and 1/2 C sour cream -vs- 1 C sour cream. She says you can do either way you like.

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This looks awesome! What is the corn salad that’s in the picture?

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We tried this recipe and we love, love, love it! It is easy and so tasty. Thank you, Mama Sue.

Gefällt mir
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