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Did you hear? We are switching places with another tenant (Studio Salon Chic) in the same office center where we currently are located. Why are we moving? Because the salon owner, Krystal, has a booming business here in Helena, AL, and needs more space. Even though all of the spaces are the same size, the tenant on one side of us moved out leaving a vacant space with just a wall (that can easily be torn down) in between, doubling the size of her salon.

The office ladies are just happy to not be working in Angela's dining room and tripping over boxes of cookbooks so moving locations is no big deal...with one exception. Cookbooks. We just got a new shipment of books to restock and they are heavy. We would like to NOT have to move them all so we are doing a FLASH MOVING SALE on all three volumes of my cookbooks.

I don't do sales very often so take advantage while you can. If you order any of my cookbooks, you will receive FREE US SHIPPING! No code needed. This only applies to cookbooks, not shirts or other merchandise. The offer is good from now until Sunday at 11:59 p.m.

You can order through this link. IF you need help placing an order OR you do not have an email address, we do have a phone number that you can call and order directly from us with your credit or debit card. It normally is not open on Saturdays, but because of this special occasion, we have turned it on. Please keep in mind that this phone is not connected to a huge call center. It is just answered by one person so please be patient. If you have to leave a message, we will call you back. If we don't get to your message until Monday, the sale will still be honored. The phone number is 205-662-2665.

Remember if you can order online, that would be most helpful!

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