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Updated: Dec 8, 2023

Photo courtesy of Libby Raymond

The holidays are quickly approaching. If you are starting to think about your Thanksgiving menu, then this Pecan Pie recipe is for you. I posted this recipe last year but I wanted to make sure I put it on my website so you could see it. It's so easy and delicious! It's part of our holiday each year.

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3 commentaires

I love your recipes and watching you make them.

I'm curious about the pecan pie recipe. My Mom always used brown sugar. Is there a reason you do not? It was a Southern Pecan Pie Recipe.

Thanks for your reply.


Thanks for sharing mama sue made this pie lots of times never disappoints.


Madeline Seabaugh
Madeline Seabaugh
29 oct. 2021

The pecan pie recipe passed down by my southern great grandmother is different from any I have found in print. Instead of Karo syrup, it uses the same amount of honey. Another difference is the custard is heated on the stove before pouring into the pie shell over the pecans which rise to the top.

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