Updated: Sep 7

A few weeks ago I had a message asking me if I could make sausage gravy. I was raised on gravy....all kinds. This was an easy video for me. I believe gravy is a staple to serve in the country. I understand that I will receive messages telling me how "unhealthy" this is. We don't eat it daily, and I'm sure there are those who would never touch it. It's another comfort food and I'm really happy to share it with you. It may not be for everyone, but it may be something you would like to try, We had it with Apple Butter that I canned last year.

Last summer, I posted a video on Facebook where I was making homemade biscuits. I'm going to link it here so you can find it easily.

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Updated: Sep 7

Tater Tot Casserole is a dish that is easy to make and could serve as a meal, especially if you add a green salad. There are many things you could add to the recipe if you would like. Most kids love this and I consider it a comfort food.

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Updated: Sep 7

I've made this cake many times over the years but really forgot about it. I thought about it today when I wanted to fix a quick and easy dessert. It's called a Punch Bowl Cake because you can make one in a punch bowl or really large bowl. If you like strawberries you will love it and see that it might be the easiest cake ever. I usually use a bought Angel Food Cake but couldn't find one today and just used a bought Vanilla cake. Try it and let me know what you think.

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