My husband is completely happy with dried beans, fried potatoes, and cornbread. He likes dried butterbeans, northern beans, and pinto beans. My favorite is pinto beans. I used to cook them on my stove for a long time and worry about having to add water as they cooked. I found this recipe years ago and what a game-changer! No more having to watch the beans cook on the stove. I'm sure that you will think these won't taste right with the oregano and chili powder but you will have to just trust me. Once you get all ingredients in the crockpot you can just forget them for 5 hours. SO EASY!! Watch the video on my Facebook and you will see just how easy.

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Updated: May 19

This recipe takes me back to when I was a child. The smell, while it cooks, is heavenly. I believe this tastes just like the one I remember my mother making. We did have Apple Crisp when I was in school but I believe it was made with applesauce instead of apples. I understand would have taken half the morning to peel and slice enough apples for the school. Although it didn't have the sliced apples it was good. You will see after watching the video on Facebook that the recipe is simple to make. I hope you enjoy it.

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Updated: May 19

Harold and I were both raised in the south. Most of the time our meat was fried. I still prefer fried pork chops but made some today that were baked. They taste good and don't take long to prepare. It's another way to prepare pork chops and it's one we will have from time to time. The clean-up was easier too. I hope you like the recipe. If you try it let me know.

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