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Never did I imagine that when I started posting cooking videos during "the summer of Covid" I would have so many people watching my videos now. I started back posting cooking videos three times a week in mid-January, after my surgery. It always feels great to be in the kitchen.

Many of you have told me that you aren't seeing my posts on Facebook anymore. Rest assured, they are there. You might just have to check your Facebook settings to make sure you still are following me. It apparently helps if you like and comment on my videos so that Facebook knows you want to see my posts.

We are mailing cookbooks every day so it should only take a few days for you to get your cookbook after you order it. If you have VOLUME 1 and would like VOLUME 2, you can click here. Each book has about 150 recipes and is different from the other. In fact, if you hover over the cookbook thumbnail on the ordering page, you can see the INDEX OF RECIPES.

We have plenty of both cookbooks in stock, so you can order at any time. You can pay with a credit or debit card on my website OR you can mail in a check if you prefer.

With summer quickly approaching, we have made several changes to the shirts on my website. For short sleeve shirts, we have 8 colors to choose from. Some colors even have youth sizes through 5 XL. I think you will love the new colors! By the way, sweatshirts are still 30% off but colors/sizes are dwindling.

If you didn't catch my "porch talk" last week, I updated you about the aprons that we have been waiting on. We expect them to be in stock in the next couple of weeks. They are linen with front pockets and will have Salt & Light on them. I hope you love them as much as I do!

I just thank you so much for following and supporting me. Be salt & light wherever you go and let others see Jesus in you.

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Unknown member
May 03, 2023

I paid for volume 3 about a month ago has it been shipped or is it lost


I have seen any of Mama sue cooking show videos in a long time she doing ok from Kelly ganley from Mayfield heights Ohio

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