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Updated: Dec 8, 2023

We love Mexican food. A friend sent me this recipe some time ago and told me that her family loved it. I tried it and can say that we love it also. It's not hard at all to prepare and isn't too spicy. I sent some next door for my older grandchildren and they gave it a thumbs up. I think you will like it so I hope you try the recipe.

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Is this recipe in one of your cookbooks?! I am definitely making this one. And have you ever used the street size corn tortillas? They would be awesome. Thanks for all your recipes! Lori Freese

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RE: Mexican Beef Casserole

Made this last night. A-MAZZZZZ-ing!!!!!!!! My Hispanic friends say that flour tortillas are just squishy white bread. I only like flour. But I bought the corn tortillas for this recipe. Tasted one before I started the recipe. My 2 dogs just walked away. So epic fail for that.

I went with my gut, used the flour tortillas and made the rest of the recipe as written. When finished and left to sit for the few minutes..... WOW!!!! The flour tortillas soaked up the extra juice~~ I swear I that bottom layer tasted like mozzarella cheese! I normally never eat leftovers but am in the process of packing and freezing the rest for dinners the next couple…

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The Bread pudding::: I don't drink at all. I'm to think about buying a half pint for only 2 oz. (4 TBSP) Is there a way to substitute rum extract for it? This recipe sounds amazing!!!!

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Is it possible to list the total carbs in the recipes?

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