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Updated: Dec 8, 2023

We love potatoes at our house. Fried potatoes, baked potatoes, creamed potatoes, scalloped potatoes....any potato. My husband is happy any time he sees me frying potatoes. Sometimes I slice them but most of the time I cube them. I find that cubed ones get browner and that's what Harold likes. They are good with other vegetables or with hamburgers. Tonight we had Chili Cheese Fries for a quick meal. If you have homemade chili they are delicious but they weren't bad with a can of Hormel Chili. I chopped a little onion when I fried these and just seasoned with salt & pepper.

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3 commenti

Try shaking those cubed taters in cornmeal, salt n pepper and fry! Great with pintos and green onions, hamburgers, steak

Mi piace

Thank you for adding the print option!!!

Mi piace

Love those fried potatoes

Mi piace
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