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Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Super Bowl is Sunday so I wanted to share a recipe that you might like to have during the game. This recipe is in my sweet friend's cookbook. Miss Annie is what we call her. If you don't have her cookbook you really need it. You can order on her website Miss Annie's Home + Kitchen ( When I made this on my video I left out the garlic but went back and added. Just go by the recipe below.

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Mama Sue::: watched you tearing up with the onion. Hint:::: if you don't store your onions in the frig....about 2° before you are going to use it put it in the fridge. Keep it in there until you are ready to use it. Don't let it set out or come to room temp. Fridge immediately to cutting board. No more years. The cold regards the flow of the allicin that causes the burning.

So glad to hear you're feeling better. You are looking healthy.

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