Updated: Jun 7

7 LAYER SALAD is one that can be made in many different ways. However, they all begin with lettuce. You can add any of your favorite vegetables as you go. Our daughter, Amy, always requests this as part of her birthday dinner. I've been making this for years and it's still one of my favorite dishes. I hope you enjoy it as much as my family does.

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Updated: Jun 1

Happy Memorial Day! While looking for a "patriotic looking" dessert I came across this recipe from 'Jamie Cooks It Up' and knew that it would be easy and perfect for our Memorial Day dessert. I sure didn't want to stay in the kitchen preparing something when I could spend a few minutes putting it together and put it in the refrigerator until time to eat. The lemon yogurt gives it a perfect tart taste with the sweetness of the cake and strawberries. I feel that you will love it and see how easily it can be made. You don't have to have a holiday for this yummy dessert but it will be perfect for the July 4th celebration too. Hope you enjoy it!

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Updated: Jun 4

Summertime calls for drinks that quench the thirst and are tasty. This simple recipe is so good and can be made and kept in the refrigerator. When you add your own garnishments it not only tastes good but looks special. With holidays approaching and time spent grilling or around the pool, this drink adds a little extra. Hope you enjoy it.

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